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3GT Episode 174: P is NOT for Polygamy

On this newest episode of 3GT, the guys don't want to see a P added to the mixed up LGBTQ alphabet. (Oh wait, there already is on the longer form, but it doesn't mean polygamy!) With the Utah legislature voting to decriminalize polygamy recently, and signs all around us it is already acceptable to many, the 3GTers do their best to address the issue of polygamy.

They begin by testifying that they each only have one wife just to put their cards on the table. Then they show how people attempt to use the Bible itself to support the practice of polygamy. But they quickly address this confusion. They reveal the Scripture-twisting in this ploy, outlining how God's law condemns this practice in precept and precedent. The guys then turn their attention to the church, calling it to renewal in being salt and light in this area through preaching and modeling the gospel. When the sticky issue arises of what to do on a mission field where men may already have multiple wives, or if a group were to walk into your church that way, there is undeniably some stuttering but they do offer some thoughts on a matter that takes careful wisdom.

Hope you will tune in and find some clarity in this mixed-up world on this episode of 3GT!


Barry York

Barry York

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