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3GT Episode 178: Preparing for the Coming Tyranny?

With the guys still bunkered down waiting hopefully for an "All Clear" during the pandemic, they share war stories from their respective parts of the country. Then they get down to the issue at hand. How is the church to respond as the government increasingly encroaches on its freedoms?

The 3GTers start by acknowledging the difficulty our civil authorities have in determining the best course of action at this time. They express gratitude for rulers seeking to protect their citizens. But they also note that as the stay-at-home orders have grown in time and severity, many government leaders have demonstrated overreach and hypocrisy. Telling people they must wear masks while they stand barefaced in front of cameras less than six feet apart. Heftily fining people sitting in cars with their windows rolled up in a church parking lot listening by radio to their pastors while letting people park freely at grocery and liquor stores. Keeping abortion clinics open while dentist offices must stay closed.

So the guys stress how church leaders must wrestle with the dilemmas the people of God are facing, and give them guidance during these troubling times. Certainly Christians who came before us, such as those in the days of Richard Cameron (pictured), struggled with issues of church and state.

Join the guys and wrestle along with them on this episode of 3GT!


Barry York

Barry York

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