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Episode 181: Abuse and the Church

After their previous episode, where they interviewed Jennifer Greenberg, author of Not Forsaken: A Story of Life after Abuse, the 3GTers decided to bring her back on for a follow-up discussion. For they wanted to talk with her about dealing with abuse in the church.

The guys first interact with her on why many victims of abuse struggle to tell others. Jennifer shares how that, even when she did attempt to speak up, many of her pleas for help as a young girl up through her teenage years were not heard or were even dismissed by believers and church authorities. From there, she shares principles of advocacy for those suffering abuse, and a variety of counsel is given to the church and its leaders. Topics such as involving the civil authorities, providing a network of support to the victim, the manipulative tactics of abusers, wrongful application of Scriptures, and church discipline are explored. Toward the end, Jennifer's personal account puts a sobering note on this episode, serving as a reminder of how the church must protect and rescue those in dangerous situations.

So set some time aside and prayerfully listen to this episode of 3GT.


Barry York

Barry York

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