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3GT Episode 183: Family Worship with David Murray

On this 3GT episode, the guys are joined by a gentleman and a scholar. Dr. David Murray, Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, is their guest as they discuss with him his new book on family worship entitled Exploring the Bible Together.

After remembering the good ole days when Kyle was his student at Puritan, David starts off by explaining the historical and Biblical basis for family worship. From there, he describes how Exploring the Bible Together is, as the subtitle says, "A 52-Week Family Worship Plan."  Each week of the year has a theme, such as "A New Nation" for Week 7 as a family reads selections from Exodus or "Lost & Found" in Week 35 as the readings focus on the parables of Luke 15. Each day of the week has a short passage for reading, with two discussion questions and a key lesson. Sundays are reserved for reflecting on that day's sermon and provide a "catch up" day if needed. Other unique features, such as the overview of the Bible the plan gives, the focus on Christ it maintains, and even its artwork are discussed. Then, believing family worship is best learned by modeling, the episode concludes with David then leading the guys in a brief time of worship.

Listen and learn with the guys on this episode of 3GT! If you would like your own copy of this excellent resource, please go here.


Barry York

Barry York

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