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3GT Episode 190: Johnny Mac Attack

Pastor John MacArthur has had enough. Faced with new executive orders from California Governor Newsom that churches must not assemble at all due to the Corona virus, he took a stand, made a statement, and preached this past Lord's Day on "We Must Obey God Rather than Man" to a packed assembly at Grace Community Church.  "What do you 3GTers think?" a listener wanted to know.

So the guys discuss this situation. The lawyer in the group discusses how many rulers are overstepping their legal bounds at this time and explains why. MacArthurs' words and actions are examined. He is commended in many ways for honoring Christ. The definition of the church as an assembly of God's people is emphasized.

Yet nuances are teased out. As one response article states, other means may exist for honoring Christ that do not require defying civil authority. Differing local situations need to be considered. Principles on Christian liberty found in Romans 14 must be applied. At the end, an emphasis on Christian unity is stressed and Presbyterianism gets a shout-out.

Tune into another lively episode of 3GT! And for a bonus feature, you will even find out we even have an easier-to-spell email address!


Barry York

Barry York

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