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3GT Episode 194: R-Rated Passages?

As a boy, our parishioner used to look up certain Bible passages in church and titter over them. You know, texts such as Deuteronomy 23:12-14, 1 Kings 14:10, or about anywhere in the Song of Solomon. Now, as a dad, he wonders how these texts are to be handled with children and the church. What are we to think about those places in Scripture that could be considered R-rated? Should we avoid them in church and when children are present?

The pastor and the prof respond. They explain how prevalent texts involving murder, adultery, and "earthy" language are in the Bible. Giants have heads cut off, God describes His people as whores, and even the Sermon on the Mount talks about plucking out eyes and cutting off hands! The 3GTers then show how these types of passages often teach us about the awful depths of sin and the wondrous heights of covenant love. They go on to discuss dealing with these matters in a pastoral manner, especially with children. The guys emphasize how needed texts like these are in our modern age, as the church must be equipped to deal with gross sins.

3GT is a family show, so we think you can turn on this episode and listen with children present. But be warned - they will hear what used to make Scott titter!


Barry York

Barry York

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