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3GT Episode 197: The Virtue of Moderation

The 3GTers are joined on this episode by Dr. Nathan Eshelman. Under California lockdowns, with fires raging all around him, Nathan bravely takes on a topic sure to bring even more challenges to him. He addresses the subject of moderation as developed by the Puritan William Perkins.

Having dug into Perkins' writings on moderation, Nathan first gives a Biblical and historical definition of moderation as a virtue, showing how it used to define one who exhibited Christian patience and forbearance in discussing, teaching, and debating theology. He then explains how in the last century the idea of moderation became associated with liberalism and so took on a negative connotation.

From there, Pastor Eshelman develops Perkins' teaching on moderation further. He shows how Perkins' understanding on the subject was developed during the Elizabethan age in which he lived, how this virtue is based on the patience God has toward mankind and the church, and ways Perkins taught moderation should be practiced in the church. From there the guys suggest some needed application in today's Reformed church.

Join in for this thought-provoking episode of 3GT! (For a brief review of Perkins' newly published works, go here. For details and online text on his work on moderation entitled Hepieíkeia: or, a treatise of Christian equitie and moderation, go here.)


Barry York

Barry York

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