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3GT Episode 199: The Daily Scoop News

One of the guys has a podcasting addiction, and it's not the parishioner or the prof. The latter two discovered that the pastor has started a daily, brief news podcast for kids, and they want, well, the scoop on it!

Turns out that Kyle's wife is the one that encouraged this habit. Seeing a lack of clean, Christian audio news sources aimed at children, Mrs. Borg urged Mr. Borg the news junkie to use his interest to help the kiddos. Voila! The Daily Scoop: News for Kids was launched! After hearing the story and the details, Barry and Scott played a portion of an episode to hear what it is like. Impressive! They especially liked the use of the Borg children's voices for the intro and the ending. Scott even took notes.

So tune into this 3GT episode to hear about another podcast (here again is the link). And with his multiple podcasts now, you'll have to consider when too much of Kyle becomes your own addiction!