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3GT Episode 200: Showing Some Love for Shepherds

As the parishioner points out, some may be making people aware of other topics this month. But October is Pastor Appreciation Month. So he explores the subject of gratitude for pastors with the local pastor and the professor pastor.

Scott begins by asking the other two to share about influential pastors in their own lives that they appreciate. From there, he delves into how they were encouraged in their own calling by others. He then has them share the work they do behind the scenes as pastors. The 3GTers question the legitimacy of getting a whole month in pastors' honor, when lawyers get none. Is this just a way for Hallmark to sell more cards? They go on to acknowledge different ways they have seen congregations showing some love to their ministers. The parishioner ends by encouraging listeners to go and do likewise.

Here is an episode geared toward helping you be more appreciative for that man behind the pulpit!