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3GT Episode 209: Witnessing to the Jews

For the first time ever, it is 3GT+2! That's right, the guys are joined by two others. Stephen Atkinson and Mitch Tepper from Christian Witness to Israel (CWI) come on this week's podcast.

Listeners will first hear how a Jewish Christian from Brooklyn and a pastor from Northern Island were drawn by the Lord into this ministry. From there, Stephen and Mitch share the theology that should drive Jewish missions. They dismantle a number of the modern philosophies regarding the people of Israel. They describe not only how they bring the gospel to the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but the passion they have to see the church learn from earlier Reformers in properly engaging in Jewish missions. They conclude by telling some of the stories of the Lord working among people and sharing resources CWI has available to assist in evangelism.

Be warned! Their enthusiasm for this work is contagious! So be ready to be challenged and motivated on this episode of 5GT! (And if you want to learn more about CWI, go here.)


Barry York

Barry York

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