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3GT Episode 211: REs and TEs on 3GT

Well, this episode begins with more kerfuffle about Kyle's dog's impending court case. But eventually the guys settle down and get to the main question at hand. What are ruling and teaching elders, and what's the difference?

The case for a "two-office" view of only deacons and elders in the church is upheld, meaning that ruling elders and teaching elders hold the same office but serve in distinct roles. An explanation of a "three-office" view is given (where churches see ministers as holding a different office from ruling elders), and acknowledgement of some of those bodies is made. With one 3GTer an RE, another a TE, and the third a hybrid (?), the important functions of both roles are given. Both the parity and plurality of elders are highlighted and explained. The guys then begin to apply these distinctions by addressing how ruling elders can encourage pastors, and vice versa.

One of the main areas the Reformers addressed in the church is its governance. So it's vital to get the eldership right. Join along then with this vigorous exchange on this episode of 3GT!


Barry York

Barry York

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