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3GT Episode 215: Who Let the Dog Out? Kyle? Kyle!

Every now and then, the guys like to let their hair down (well, at least two of them do) and have a more light-hearted episode. Such is the case with Episode 215, which actually is the case known as "The City of Winchester v. Kyle Borg", more popularly known as "Who let the dog out? Kyle? Kyle!"

If you have followed this story in previous episodes, you know that Kyle was cited for allowing his dog, Huckleberry, to roam the fair streets of Winchester. He finally appeared before the judge (Kyle, not Huckleberry). Finally, he tells the story of what transpired.

Was Kyle found guilty? Did Scott practice law illegally in the state of Kansas? Did Barry violate copyright laws in this very episode? If the suspense is killing you, then hit the play button and enjoy the shenanigans. And though there are attempts at theologizing along the way, if you really want that you should probably just wait for the next episode!


Barry York

Barry York

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