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3GT Episode 218: The Ups and Downs of Redemptive-Historical Preaching

The boys begin with playful banter about Scott's wearing of cardigans, Kyle's obsession with Mr. Rogers, and Barry's quiet provocations before the parishioner gets the train back on track. For this episode's featured topic is Redemptive-Historical preaching.

The 3GTers start off by defining what this type of preaching is and how it is done. They then describe how this method of preaching arose in the last century as a reaction against exemplaristic preaching and liberal theology. They highlight some of its favorable proponents and attributes, especially the desire to make Christ known from the Scripture à la Luke 24:44-45. They then point out some of the downfalls of this methodology if it is held onto in too severe a manner. They point out the ways the Scripture itself holds up models of faith to us, the human element that needs to be developed when preaching narratives especially, the way this can actually drive people to Christ, and how much God's people need moral guidance from Biblical characters who walked by faith.

When it comes to episodes on preaching, the parishioner-in-the-host-seat often ends up becoming the parishioner-in-the-pew. This episode is no exception! Tune into another robust conversation of Three Guys Theologizing!


Barry York

Barry York

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