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3GT Episode 227: Untwisting Scripture

The professor starts reading another listener's letter, causing the pastor and parishioner to flinch. But when they realize they're not being flogged again, they relax and get into the spirit of the theme at hand. For the guys discuss common Scripture texts that are misunderstood, mishandled, or misapplied.

The 3GTers look at Bible verses such as "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me", "Do not judge", "You are not under law but under grace", and several other ones - including even John 3:16! - that are often twisted. They discuss reasons why people misuse the Bible, then offer basic principles that lead to proper interpretation. Along the way, the guys unravel the knotty ways these text are used and lay out the clear truths they are to convey.

So tune in and start untying those twisted knots! Also, the Three Guys offered some resources might find helpful with matters of Biblical interpretation for follow-up. They are below.

Louis Berkhof | Principles of Biblical Interpretation

Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart | How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth

J.I. Packer | Engaging the Written Word of God

R.C. Sproul | Knowing Scripture


Barry York

Barry York

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