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3GT Episode 230: Presbyterian Liturgy?

The three guys who theologize return to one of their favorite topics - worship! The prof starts off this episode suggesting that all churches have a liturgy as they worship, then lets the other two guys loose on the subject.

The pastor and parishioner want to define the term liturgy first. They go on to explain the difference between high and low liturgy. The idea of dialogical worship arises. From there, the conversation heads toward the typical order of worship in Presbyterian circles. Each element of worship is briefly defined and deliberated, such as the call to worship, greeting, invocation (if you call it that!), confession of sin, etc. Along the way, one 3GTer expresses disdain for rote readings and another denies he does interpretive dancing!

As we worship, all of us need to know why we do what we do. So listen along in this episode to refresh your heart and prepare yourself for the next time you join the saints in worshiping the Lord!


Barry York

Barry York

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