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3GT Episode 232: Holding Fast

So the pastor heard that a certain professor (not the one on this podcast!) teaches that fasting is no longer required in the Christian era. He wants to know what the parishioner and the professor on this podcast think. Are Christians to fast?

The 3GTers begin by defining fasting Biblically, then clarifying exactly what they mean. They go on to explain what the purposes of fasting are, using Scriptural examples. From there, the guys demonstrate from the New Testament that fasting is a means of grace given to the church, not just an Old Testament law ordinance for grieving that is unfit for the age of Christian joy. They then discuss how and why fasting is practiced. And along the way, Scott makes sure Kyle does not count his intermittent fasting as fasting!

So join another lively conversation that the guys hope you will find "fast moving" on this episode of 3GT!