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3GT Episode 235: Side C Christianity

The parishioner is away celebrating his anniversary with his sweetie, so the pastor and prof have fun sharing what people think Scott looks like from just the sound of his voice. Then they get down to business. Barry and Kyle discuss the significant meeting this month of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America regarding the stance they took on those who identify as "gay Christians."

The 3GTers (minus one!) explain the Revoice Conference that has created a stir in the PCA and led to this General Assembly addressing this issue. They detail what so-called "Side B Christianity" is (gay Christianity without homosexual acts), what then "Side A Christianity" is (gay Christianity with homosexual acts), and then promote what might be deemed "Side C Christianity" (where the C stands for "Confessional" and describes Christianity void of a trumpeted sexual identity where sinful desires, including homosexual ones, are conquered in Christ). They go on to discuss how, thankfully, the PCA General Assembly voted strongly to uphold the historic, confessional understanding of sexuality and lustful desires by proposing adding this language to their Book of Church Order (this change still needs to be approved by 2/3's of their presbyteries then ratified at next year's General Assembly):

Officers in the Presbyterian Church in America must be above reproach in their walk and Christlike in their character. Those who profess an identity (such as, but not limited to, 'gay Christian,' 'same sex attracted Christian,' 'homosexual Christian,' or like terms) that undermines or contradicts their identity as new creations in Christ, either by denying the sinfulness of fallen desires (such as, but not limited to, same sex attraction), or by denying the reality and hope of progressive sanctification, or by failing to pursue Spirit-empowered victory over their sinful temptations, inclinations, and actions are not qualified for ordained office.

The guys rejoice over their PCA brothers' stand, and offer this episode for further commentary, prayer, and clarity in thinking about these issues in this day of identity crisis in the land!