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3GT Episode 236: Reading the Bible Biblically

It's summertime and that should mean more time for reading. It's also a good time to remind God's people to read their Bibles. So consider yourself reminded, and here is some help to encourage you along the way!

For the 3GTers discuss on this episode some keys for reading the Bible the way it's meant to be read. Not only should readers of God's Holy Word use regular principles for reading as they would any book, but they should also be reminded of the hermeutica sacra, or sacred interpretive principles, for reading the Scriptures.

They begin by explaining how they first learned to read the Bible. They then delve into some of the basic guidelines for getting the most out of your reading. From there, they offer further insights in the uniqueness of the inspired, inerrant Word of God and how proper means of interpreting and applying the Scriptures should take place. Listeners are reminded they are to be Bereans corporately.

So listen to this latest episode of 3GT with your Bible nearby. Hopefully you will be blessed to tolle lege - take it up and read!