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3GT Episode 239: The Incredible Story of Naghmeh Panahi

On this episode of 3GT, the gentlemen are joined by Naghmeh Panahi. They along with their listeners have the privilege of hearing her share the incredible story of the Lord's redemption in her life. Born in Iran, Naghmeh moved with her family as a child to the USA and was converted to Christ at age nine with her twin brother. Sustained by God's grace despite pressures by her Muslim family, as a young lady she returned to Iran to evangelize family members. It was there that she met a man named Saeed and married him.

They returned to the United States, began a family, but then on a mission trip to Iran Saeed was arrested and spent several years in prison. Naghmeh dutifully advocated for his release over the next years, appearing on national media with major political and religious leaders. Right before his release, through counselors Naghmeh finally realized she was an abused wife. When she sought to tell others in the church of this situation, she was met with attempts to silence her. Even in recent weeks, further details have been released showing the lengths some took to try to quiet her and force her to remain in a dangerous marriage. (Note: 3GT encourages those interested to listen to the two-part interview Julie Roys did with Naghmeh in the links below that go into much greater detail.)

In having Naghmeh tell her story, the team at 3GT hopes the church will gain a more compassionate and sympathetic ear toward those who may be suffering in what looks like a dedicated Christian home.



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