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3GT Episode 242: The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Once again the parishioner and professor invite another pastor on for tryouts (just kidding, Kyle). For Dr. Matthew Everhard, Senior Pastor of Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Valencia, PA, joins the boys to discuss his new book Holy Living: Jonathan Edwards’s Seventy Resolutions for Living the Christian Life.

Matthew introduces the listeners to Jonathan Edwards and his purpose for his resolutions. He explains what the resolutions meant to Edwards as a young man, how they helped guide him, and why he stopped using them toward the end of his life. From there, the men discuss the different types of resolutions Edwards made, which Matthew helpfully groups into three categories: existential, ethical, and eschatological. They then discuss the devotional and theological nature of Matthew's book. He shares some of his favorite resolutions.

Those who study Edwards and especially his resolutions will want to have a copy of Holy Living in their hand as they do so! However, sadly because of supply problems, the release date of the paperback version of this book was moved into the future. But you can still purchase a Kindle copy of the book here. Therefore, resolve yourself to listen to this episode of Three Guys Theologizing and then go get a copy of Holy Living!


Note: Matthew Everhard's other books can be found here and his YouTube channel here.

Barry York

Barry York

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