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3GT Episode 262: Pastoral Perseverance

This episode begins with some typical shenanigans. Kyle has to explain that the "Super Spreader" shirt he is wearing is not advertisement for a fertilizing company, but punishment for bringing Covid home to his family from Synod. Scott brings up quotes from a movie he and Kyle watched from their youth, while Barry is again clueless about this cultural reference. But finally they get on tack to the subject at hand.  As many pastors are struggling, they discuss how the need for perseverance in pastoral ministry.

They look at the model of the Apostle Paul and various discussion points arise. The call to suffer. The need for companionship. The confession of weakness. The importance of Christ's body. The fellowship with Christ in our sufferings. Numerous examples and practical applications are offered along the way.

As the guys have discussed pastoral burnout before (see Episode 225: How to Burnout Your Pastor) and the need for pastoral refreshment (Episode 142: Lifting Your Pastor’s Hands), this episode completes the trilogy on this subject. So whether you are a pastor needing further encouragement or a congregant wanting to give it, give these episodes a listen!


Barry York

Barry York

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