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3GT Episode 263: Interview with Keddie on The Glory & Fullness of Jesus Christ

One of 3GT's favorite guests is back! Gordon Keddie joins the guys as he discusses the new release of William McEwen's The Glory and Fullness of Jesus Christ: In the Most Remarkable Types, Figures, and Allegories of the Old Testament.

Gordon begins by recounting the life - sadly shortened by illness - of this young Scottish minister of the eighteenth century. He then describes how he became familiar with McEwen and his work, relates the importance of McEwen in the history of the church, and explains how the modern reader could benefit from reading him. From there, Gordon shares some of the highlights of this book, pointing out the in-depth, balanced, and devotional typological treatment by McEwen on many key Old Testament passages. The interview concludes with a discussion on some of the proper principles needed in interpreting typology.

If you want to see more of Jesus in the Scriptures, then this book is for you! Be sure to listen carefully to this episode so you can enter to win a free copy of the book!


Barry York

Barry York

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