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3GT Episode 264: Plurality of Pastors?

With the guys "Kyle-less" once again, the parishioner and professor tackle a subject the solo pastor may not have wanted to discuss. What about congregations having more than one pastor?

For Scott's congregation is headed that way, and he decides to have a conversation with Barry about it. For starters, they identify the principles of "two or three witnesses" and "two is better than one." From there, they look at the Biblical examples of Jesus sending out His disciples in pairs, the traveling mission teams in Acts, and places where congregations had more than one minister.

After establishing the Scriptural foundation for multiple pastors, they then delve into the practical. When should a congregation consider adding another pastor? How does a "plurality of pastors" relate to the "plurality of elders" in Presbyterianism? How do you avoid clericalism? What are some guidelines to make better ensure this situation works? And to make sure a certain pastor's feelings are not hurt, they also discuss the legitimacy of singular pastorates as well.

This episode is chock full of considerations and advice. So join in the conversation at 3GT!


Barry York

Barry York

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