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3GT Episode 265: Irenical Animadversions

With the prof away, the boys play! For the pastor and parishioner throw out some big words and then get down to business.

Irenical Animadversions is a book written by the Dutch theologian Herrman Witsius. Addressing a historical theological controversy regarding God's law, the title means "conciliatory or peaceful critiques."   The book is Witsius' teaching on how to maintain a peaceful spirit in the midst of disagreements in the church. Kyle and Scott use the theme of this book to address this topic.

They discuss the biblical need to address this subject, offering numerous examples in Scripture. Controversies are unavoidable in the church, even for the most godly of saints - perhaps especially so! The guys then talk about the need to distinguish between needed and unnecessary disputes in order to avoid an argumentative spirit. They then raise principles from God's Word that teach how to work through matters and even how to maintain at time a "sanctified disagreement."

If you are not in heaven yet, then this episode is for you! So join along this latest episode from 3GT!


Barry York

Barry York

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