/ Gentle Reformation

3GT Episode 268: A Different Kind of R&R

Picking apples always seems to get guys in trouble. At least, that's the message Kyle and Scott deliver to Barry. Late to record once again, like Adam Barry appears to blame his wife and their time in an apple orchard for his tardiness. Then the truth comes out that he wasted time picking the wrong apples. Finally, the guys manage to get on track and address the true topic of this episode, which is a bountiful harvest of a spiritual nature.

For the 3GTers discuss the topic of revival and reformation. They distinguish between the two while maintaining the relationship and need of both. As they converse, they also highlight the difference between a God-wrought revival and the man-made variety made popular by the likes of Charles Finney. From there, they go on to encourage God-given ways the church can be seeking the Spirit's revival that avoid manipulation. They conclude with urging the church in this direction.

So tune in to this episode and consider ways that you can participate in the Lord's harvest!