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3GT Episode 271: What about the Other Six Days?

As this very episode demonstrates with Scott away, it can be difficult to get parishioners to gather in small groups during the week. So armed with a question from a listener, Kyle and Barry discuss what the other six days beyond the Lord's Day should look like for a congregation.

Each of them share the mid-week practices of their own congregations. Then they discuss how to prioritize and plan for activities such as fellowship, prayer, and Bible study. The guys talk about needs of both formal and informal gathering as believers. They consider the three areas of doctoral convictions, congregational giftedness, and community needs then use them to answer this question: How do these areas fit together in making decisions regarding ministry Monday through Saturday? They then offer further biblical principles that should help govern the body life of a local church.

If you want some help about what the other six days of congregational life should look like, then tune in to this week's episode of Three Guys Theologizing!