/ Andrew Kerr

Punishing Praise - Psalm 149

All the faithful are called to rowdy, royal, praise of their Redeemer-King Yahweh, as they contemplate & celebrate their holy vocation as agents of His vengeance.

Just as Joshua set his boot on Canaan's princes' necks; and just as God put all His enemies under the Son of Jesse, David's foot; so the sword of the Spirit slew Satan, in Christ's mouth; so also Gospel preachers pull-down strongholds of arrogant, specious, anti-God, arguments, in order that humbled sinners might repent, before it is too late.

At the final judgment, when believers adjudicate angels, the wicked will acknowledge that God's Flock was loved by Jesus.

Is the long-awaited prospect of ultimate, binding, reverse, not substantial reason enough to get excited and hoarse, all in the praise of Him who bore deserved retribution in our place, albeit spotless in Himself!

Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

Pastor of Ridgefield Park NJ (NYC Metro Area) - Husband of Hazel, Dad to Rebekah, Paul & Andrew, Father-in-Law to Matt, Loves Skiing, Dog Walking. Passionate for Old Testament - in Deep Need of Grace

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