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3GT Episode 274: Souls by Matthew Everhard

Scott is absent once again. 3GT slipped a spot in its Argentina ratings since the last episode. But all is not lost, for the guys are joined by Dr. Matthew Everhard as he discusses his new book Souls: How Jesus Saves Sinners.

Matthew explains his desire in writing this book was to deepen gospel understanding. From there, he articulates what the soul is, what it was designed to do, and its value. The guys then discuss the work of Christ in redeeming the soul and how the church must pray and work toward awakening those around us to the soul's true need which is found only in Jesus.

This book is an excellent resource for helping believers be better equipped in sharing the gospel and as a gift to unbelieving friends who might read a "longer form tract" as Matthew explains it. So head over to this link to get your own copies. However, if you are a listener from Argentina, send us an email for an opportunity to receive a free copy!