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A Gentle Reformation Update

For the most part, we tend to just write at Gentle Reformation and not talk much about the blog. But as we come to the end of this year, I thought a reminder, an update, and some introductions were in order.

A Reminder

As was reported on another site a while ago, Gentle Reformation was formed as a multi-author blog in 2011 by a group of friends seeking to speak the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in its many applications through the media of the internet. Since its beginning, Gentle Reformation has grown to have daily posts nearly every day of the week except on the Lord’s Day (and when we miss our deadlines!). The blog now includes contributors in different branches of the global Reformed Presbyterian community (in which I serve) as well as like-minded writers from other denominations.

As our About statement says in part, Gentle Reformation is intentionally styled to be persuasive rather than polemical, pastoral rather than pejorative, and aims at the people in the pews rather than professors and pastors as its primary audience. With so much acrimony expressed on the internet by those who claim to be Reformed, this blog desires to expose others to the truer, genteel spirit found among the faithful who have experienced the grace of God in the Reformed and Presbyterian churches without compromising truth.

This blog is singular in purpose, which is to provide an outlet and repository for edifying articles for our readers. We are thankful we regularly hear how the Lord has used Gentle Reformation to encourage the church. Tim Challies has said that this blog is “still and again one of my absolute favorite sites. I read it daily and never fail to benefit in some way.”

An Update

We have had some changes behind the scenes in recent months. Several who were helping me administratively moved on, and so I decided to re-form a small editorial team to assist me with the blog. Pastor Kyle Borg is serving as the associate editor and RPTS Library Director Jordan Feagley has become the webmaster. I am thankful for their help and devotion to Gentle Reformation.

Some Introductions

Our authors are invited to write for us and asked to commit to writing on a regular basis for a given year, at which time they are free to step away or recommit. We have new, gifted contributors below who joined us in the last few months. As you can see from their background and interests, and even more importantly from their posts, you will continue to experience the quality and insight I trust you have come to expect from Gentle Reformation!

Pastor Matthew Everhard is the minister of Gospel Fellowship PCA in Valencia, PA, a Jonathan Edwards scholar who is helping popularize his works, and a YouTuber who will bring this skill to the blog.

Pastor Tim McCracken is an ordained RPCNA minister who, after many years serving the Fresno, CA, RPC congregation, is now working with Metanoia Prison Ministries to bring the gospel to inmates in the California prison system.

Pastor Kit Schwartz is a retired RPCNA minister still quite actively serving the Lord in revitalization work in the state of New York and writing to advance Christ's kingdom.

Pastor Stephen Steele ministers in the Stranraer RP Church in Scotland where he is creatively and diligently seeking the revival of interest in Christ and His kingdom among the Scottish people.

Dr. Jeff Stivason is the pastor of Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church in the Pittsburgh area, RPTS Professor of New Testament Studies, and an editor at Place for Truth.

Barry York

Barry York

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