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3GT Episode 278: What is Love?

On this episode of 3GT,the parishioner and the prof conduct a book review. They are joined by none other then Kyle Borg, author of a new book entitled What is Love? That's right - they are interviewing 3GT‘s own resident loveologist!

They begin by having Kyle explain, as president of the Education and Publication Board of the RPCNA, where the idea for Grassmarket Press (the imprint for the series of books What is Love? is a part of) came from. From there, they question greatly why he of all people was chosen to address this subject. After defending himself, Kyle then goes on to explain the theological basis for treating the subject of God’s love and the application of this doctrine tothe Christian life. Incredibly, Scott seems to be greatly impacted by this book as he passes down numerous opportunities to get back at Kyle and praises his writing instead!

It’s another informative and entertaining time with the guys! And you could possibly win a free book if you listen! So tune into this episode of 3GT!