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3GT Episode 279: The Pulpit & Politics

In this episode of Three Guys Theologizing, they decide to mix the unmixable. For they have a lively discussion about religion and politics. More specifically, about how politics should be treated from the pulpit.

After repeating Timothy's charge to Timothy not to engage in endless controversies and speculations, the pastor tosses out a number of questions regarding the matter of addressing politics in the pulpit which leads to a wide-ranging conversation. How the pulpit is for proclaiming the kingdom of God and not the kingdoms of men. How politicians should not be allowed behind the pulpit. How preachers should avoid strongly identifying with political parties and candidates. How everything is politicized these days but the pulpit should not be. How wisdom must be used in addressing the important societal issues of our day. How preachers should avoid becoming the Bunyan-esque character Mr. Querulous.

The guys invite you to mix it up with them by tuning into this episode of 3GT!