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3GT Episode 280: Law School

With Kyle away on an United Nations–like trip, it’s up to Barry and Scott to hold down the home fort. So after hearing about Scott’s journey in becoming a lawyer and why he enjoys practicing law, the guys turn to a discussion of Christian misunderstandings of the Law of God.

They do so by looking at three texts of Scripture found in the New Testament about God's Law that are often confusing. Many think these texts set the law of the Old Testament over against the grace that is found in the New Testament. These texts are John 1:17, Romans 6:14–15, and 2 Corinthians 3:6–8. The guys have a lively discussion about this topic based on these texts.

So if you want a bit of clarity on the Scriptures and God's law, meditate with the guys on His Law on this episode of Three Guys Theologizing (3GT)!