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3GT Episode 281: Church Budgets?

Well, the last time it was only Kyle and Scott recording, one listener said on social media that it was the “worst episode ever.”  So, with these two again back at their mics, they decide to treat a topic guaranteed to get better ratings. Church budgets!

As congregations hold their annual meetings this time of year, often budget discussions can get the most attention. For all types of problems can arise when it comes to the budget: short falls, excesses, pastoral compensation, dishonesty, large expenditures, and the like. So the guys think through biblical examples where the church's resources were at the fore. They share principles that should govern considerations of both giving and spending in the church. And of course they do it all with their typical back-and-forth Borg-Hunt banter!

With a topic this dry, could this episode be the worst of the worst? Only one way to find out! Tune into this newest episode of 3GT!