/ Gentle Reformation

3GT Episode 283: Loving Our Enemies in a Wicked Age

With all the guys in the studio again, they are putting the 3 back into 3GT! With the increasing hostility in the culture against Christ and the church, they discuss the subject of enemies and how to deal with them on this episode.

The guys first look at some basic texts on treating rightly our own personal enemies. Christians need to guard against personal retaliation when wronged and actually meet hurtful acts with love, as taught in such texts as Matthew 5:43-48 and Romans 12:14-21. Yet what does that actually look like? For they make some qualifications, such as not compromising the gospel or, with respect to the LGBTQ movement, biological truth even when it may appear unloving to others. Loving our enemies does not mean accepting their choices and promotion of evil. So the guys speak about how believers can engage in cultural battles in a way that they sprinkle salt, shine with light, but demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit.

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