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Introducing the Blue Banter Podcast!

Yes, your read that title correctly. A new podcast has started called Blue Banter. Two recent Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary graduates have started this conversational podcast where they interview an RPCNA minister. As they state in their description:

The Blue Banter is a podcast dreamed up by two friends and young pastors who have hearts not only for their local congregations but for the broader church and for other young pastors. In an effort to foster greater love and knowledge and to be not simply theological Presbyterians but practical Presbyterians we plan to conduct interviews with each and every current RP Pastor. Questions will range from the theological to the practical, from the serious to the humorous.

The co-hosts are Aaron Murray, pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Marion, Indiana, and Joseph Smith, pastor of Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in Denver, Colorado. Aaron and Joe desire to use the podcast to foster knowledge, appreciation, and unity for the various ministers and ministries of the RPCNA. Having become friends with these men during their time at RPTS, and having experienced one of their first interviews, I can assure listeners that the episodes will contain thoughtful interviews with friendly banter that gives insight into our denomination.

In their interview with me, we talked shop primarily about church planting. Give the episode below a listen and consider subscribing to Blue Banter on Apple podcasts!

‎The Blue Banter: Blue Banter: Barry York on Apple Podcasts
‎Show The Blue Banter, Ep Blue Banter: Barry York - Mar 17, 2023
Barry York

Barry York

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