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3GT Episode 284: I Have a Confession!

While the parishioner is away on vacation, the guys were still able to keep the 3 in 3GT! For they welcome pastor and author, Dr. Nathan Eshelman, as they review his new book I Have a Confession.

After hearing of Nathan’s journey into Presbyterianism, the guys discuss the place of a confession of faith in the life of the church. Nathan shows how the Scriptures themselves reveal the need for doctrinal statements in the life of the church. The guys then differentiate between common statements of faith found on most church websites and a true confession of faith that has more historic and universal roots. They show how confessions aid in fulfilling our call to contend for the faith. Confessions help define who we are as Christians and show us practical ways that we are to follow the Lord. Special emphasis is placed upon the Westminster Confession of Faith. The gents show how the different realms in this world in which we are called to live faithfully are addressed in the WCF, such as in the family, church, or society.

This episode is guaranteed to make you thankful for your church if it has a confession and desirous for one that does if your present congregation does not! And not only that, you can listen and hear the unique way you can win a copy of I Have a Confession!