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An Unfaithful View of Marriage

It's obvious to those who try to look at life biblically that sexual chaos is running rampant in pop culture. But, tragically and tellingly, what isn't as obvious to us is just how pervasively sexual cruelty is preached and taught in our circles. Courageous victims of abuse have stepped forward within the church even as many people have stepped away from church altogether because of legalistic and misogynistic views of marriage and gender roles preached and forced upon them as if they were God's own truth. This has exposed radical, longstanding, pathological problems in ostensibly conservative interpretations of Scripture on these issues.

Distortions of Scripture have disastrous consequences for people who trust the Bible as God's word. The article linked here, written for and published by The Gospel Coalition, is my attempt, in a way appropriate to that format, to sound the alarm on one pervasive strain of those pathological perspectives: the idea that marriage is God's remedy for sexual sin.

Rut Etheridge III

Rut Etheridge III

Husband to Evelyn; father to Isaiah, Callie, Calvin, Josiah, Sylvia. Pastor and Bible Prof. Loves the risen Christ, family, writing, the ocean, martial arts, Boston sports, coffee, and more coffee.

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