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If Predestination, Why Evangelism?

One of the questions that I receive as a Reformed minister from those outside of our theological tradition is this: "If predestination is true, why should we evangelize?" Superficially, the question makes sense and I don't blame anyone for asking it. If God is sovereign over who is saved and secures the salvation of His elect (He is and does), what is our role in sharing the good news?  

Sometimes the question is a sort of "Gotcha!" trap from those who might want to strawman Reformed theology. But other times, it comes from a sincere place in which an individual is honestly trying to understand how the divine decrees overlap with our Christian responsibilities.

In this week's video on Reformed theology and practice, I give my best attempt to answer that common question.

Here is my video response from my YouTube channel.  

Matthew Everhard

Matthew Everhard

Matthew Everhard is the pastor of Gospel Fellowship PCA in Valencia, PA. He is also a Jonathan Edwards scholar and has written a number of books, and articles. He hosts a popular YouTube channel.

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