/ Gentle Reformation

3GT Episode 285: The Necessity of Church Membership

Finally, the guys are back in the recording studio! Well, at least two of them are. After their usual banter, they get down to the task at hand as they discuss the necessity of church membership.

Where does the Bible warrant membership in the local church? The guys point out numerous scriptures that indicate this need. From being a member of the body of Christ, to language associating baptism with membership, to identifying people as belonging to different congregations, to the need to submit to elders, to the mark of discipline, to the church being the new Israel - the guys make a strong case! They then discuss how to lead children into communicant membership, conducting membership classes, how to treat people transferring in from sister denominations, the basic knowledge new members need, and looking as elders for a consistent testimony.

This episode is chockfull of helpful teaching on church membership for elders and lay people. So tune in and give this latest episode of 3GT a listen!