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3GT Episode 286: Navigating the Transgender Minefield

Thankfully, all three guys are back behind their mics for this episode! After catching up with one another, they jump right into the topic of the day. The transgender movement. What are Christians to do?

They share statistics that show among this current generation an alarming rate of increase in young people who identify as LGBTQ+. The guys then reference an article by Rosaria Butterfield, who recently repented over using transgender names and pronouns. They discuss the sinfulness of transgender ideology and call on Christians to proclaim the truth in the face of the vain philosophies of this age. The dangers of transgender ideology are then laid out. The 3GTers then describe various scenarios where LGBTQ+ persons might show up and offer practical guidance on how to deal with them. Calls to suffer for the truth are offered.

If you are wondering how and where to step during these uncertain times, tune into this episode of 3GT!