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3GT Episode 287: We Don't Need No Education?

Pink-Floyd protested, with deliberate grammatical incongruity, against bad school systems. As they said, we don't need just another brick in the wall. But what should the education of our children look like? One listener asked, and the 3GT Team responded!

They begin this episode by discussing the purpose of education. Reasons related to anthropology, God's creation, and the family are given. From there, they bring the Scriptures to bear on the question and highlight the goals we should be seeking in training our children. An emphasis on parental responsibility in all things related to children is made. Different means of education are analyzed, and warnings about the dangers of the human heart that can manifest themselves through these means are offered. The guys then share some of the experiences and lessons they have personally learned in educating their own children.

We need education about education! So tune into this latest episode of Three Guys Theologizing and don't "just leave them kids alone!"