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3GT Episode 288: The Character of a True Theologian

The guys open up this episode reflecting on the recent passing of some prominent pastors, such as Gordon Keddie, Tim Keller, and Harry Reeder. These ministers were not only pastors but theologians and authors whose ministries impacted many.

With Scott away, the pastor and professor use these notable deaths to discuss On the Character of a True Theologian by the Dutch theologian Herman Witsius. In this short work, Witsius develops the qualities a teacher of theology should have. The guys highlight a number of them, such as a familiarity with heaven and the ability to communicate it to others; a desire to preserve peace as well as truth; an unbending precision in self-examination while maintaining a gracious, forgiving spirit toward others; and having a fervent zeal for the things of God while approaching others with great gentleness.

The church needs this type of true theologians. So push play, listen along, see if you agree, and then consider reading Witsius' short work for yourself!