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3GT Episode 289: Worship, Feasting, Rest, Mercy

Crown & Covenant Publications continues to issue accessible books on basic Christian doctrine through their Grassmarket Press imprint. Their most recent release, Worship, Feasting, Rest, Mercy: The Christian Sabbath, is an insightful and helpful introduction to the New Testament practice of keeping the Lord's Day holy in honor of Christ's resurrection on the first day of the week. The 3GTers interview the author, Pastor Daniel Howe, of the Providence (RI) Reformed Presbyterian Church.

After introducing himself and his ministry, Daniel explains the factors that brought him to the convictions he has regarding the Lord's Day. From there, he addresses the four main themes captured in the title of his book. The guys interact on these themes of worship, feasting, rest, and mercy, and seek to offer ready reasons and applications for remembering the Christian Sabbath along these lines. Daniel's biblical and societal insights enliven the conversation throughout.

When the church forgets the Christian Sabbath, they forget something even more important. Their Triune God. So tune into this episode to be renewed in your love for God's truly holy day. And also listen closely to learn how to enter to win a free copy of Worship, Feasting, Rest, Mercy: The Christian Sabbath!