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3GT Episode 292: Preparing to Commune

After a summer hiatus, the guys are back! After catching up a bit, they turn their attention to the important topic of preparing to come to the Lord's Table.

In the words of institution the Apostle Paul gave the church at Corinth, he told them they were to "examine themselves" so as not to come to the Lord's Supper in an unworthy manner. So how does one prepare for communion? The guys discuss such things as the need for preparation as urged by the Westminster Confession, the historic practice of preparatory services in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Scripture texts that aid in preparation, the need for awareness in the church when communion is being celebrated, and many practical ways pastors and members of a local church can ready themselves to commune with the Lord.

In order not to trample upon the body and blood of the Lord represented in the sacrament of communion, the Lord's people need to be prepared. So tune into this latest episode of Three Guys Theologizing to find encouragement to that holy end!