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3GT Episode 293: Roast Preacher

The old joke goes that many church folks have roast preacher for Sunday dinner, as they go home after the service and criticize the sermon. As the parishioner had recently read a list of ten criticisms a famous preacher had received, he wondered if his less-than-famous preacher friends had received any of them. So he sticks the fork in to see how well-done these two preachers are!

The pastor and professor respond to his questions about whether people have offered these same criticisms to them. Have you ever been told you are too loud? Too long? Too complex? Too angry? Too dry? Scott adds some of his own ideas to the list. As the guys respond, some funny anecdotes (Or is it antidotes? Mispronunciations are also covered!) are heard along the way. And as they share, perhaps listeners will think through what to say - or not to say! - to the men they listen to preach week-by-week.

Be sure to tune into this episode of Three Guys Theologizing before you sit down for your next Sunday dinner!