/ Gentle Reformation

Episode 294: A Little Pneumatology for You

The boys banter about the change in weather, going to kid's fall sporting events, and Scott wearing a cardigan. Then they get down to the subject at hand. They discuss what is known as pneumatology, or the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

They begin pointing out how misunderstandings of the Trinity create false teaching and confusion in the church. So they begin with a basic Biblical and catechetical understanding of the Trinity. Then they focus on the third person of the Godhead. The Spirit's personhood is further established. His foundational work in believers' lives is explained as the church is the very temple of God where the Spirit dwells. Using the means of grace, such as God's Word and prayer, are stressed as ways to cultivate the Spirit's presence in our lives. Important theological works on the Holy Spirit are referenced. Further applications to practicing union with Christ through the Spirit's assistance are given.

Greater reliance on God through the Spirit's ministry is needed by all believers, especially in an age when many are searching for the wisdom and power they need in other places. Listen to this episode for a little encouragement to that end!