/ Gentle Reformation

3GT Episode 295: Is Sunday Best the Best?

Pennsylvania civil magistrates may not be the best place to look for clothing decisions, with some men dressing as women and others, well, hardly dressing at all. But Kyle, knowing these are Barry's legislators, wants to go there. After discussing the latest kerfuffle on Capital Hill caused by a Pennsylvania senator, the guys discuss dressing for church.

They start by talking about the traditional view of wearing your best to church as you come before the Lord, which is upheld by the Boomer in the mix. From there, the Millennial guy starts pushing the envelope, claiming the culture the congregation is in has to be considered. The Gen Xer, true to his generation, just argues with the other two. But along the way, Biblical principles begin to emerge that we hope may be helpful.

A helpful episode? Only one way to find out! (And the picture may or may not be childhood Kyle dressed up for church.)