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3GT Episode 297: 1GM

Well, it finally happened. Only one guy showed up to record an episode. Of the three, which one is most likely to be able to monologue for an entire episode? Yep, you guessed it. On this episode of Three Guys Theologizing, or should we say One Guy Monologuing, Kyle takes the microphone and never relinquishes it.

If you’re brave enough to listen to this episode, here’s what you’ll get. Kyle talking about John Piper's tweet on coffee and worship. Kyle talking about the need to study minor points of theology. Kyle talking about Mary’s immaculate conception and assumption. Kyle talking about liberty of conscience. Kyle talking about the need for elders to serve willingly. Kyle talking about what the soul is. 

If you can handle a whole episode that is Kyle talking, with a few musical pieces dedicated to the missing Barry and Scott thrown in, then here you go. Welcome to the world of 1GM!