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3GT Episode 299: "I Didn't Survive" with Naghmeh Panahi

It's not often that the 3GTers have repeat guests on the show. But some people have such a story one episode hardly does it justice. Such is the case regarding the story of Naghmeh Panahi.

A few years ago, Naghmeh was on 3GT to share her incredible story that can be heard here. She recounted her testimony, her advocacy work to see her husband Saeed Abedini released from an Iranain prison, and the subsequent realization that she was in an abusive marriage. Now, with the recent publication of her new book I Didn't Survive: Emerging Whole after Deception, Persecution, and Hidden Abuse, the guys catch back up with her.

In this episode, they focus on Naghmeh's life the past few years, why she wrote the book, and how her husband's captivity was providentially used by the Lord to set her free. In addition, you will hear the ways the Lord is now using her to witness for the gospel, help people in the persecuted church, and encourage those suffering abuse within the church.

Naghmeh's book is a fascinating, page-turning account of the Lord's ongoing grace through many trials. Listen to this episode to hear more of her story and how you could also possibly win a free copy. And even if you do not receive a free book, you will want to be sure to purchase copies here!