/ Gentle Reformation

3GT Episode 300: Gird Up Your Loins!

After a lengthy, way-too-long introduction that involves the likes of Michael Bolton, Scott finally reigns it in and gets to the subject at hand. A listener wants to know how to treat the subject of masculinity in today’s culture.

The guys begin by addressing the strong-handed approach to the subject from men as diverse as Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, Donald Trump, and Douglas Wilson. They discuss how toxic masculinity is a response swung too far against such ideologies as progressive feminism and transgenderism. They then develop a Biblical anthropology regarding male identity. The 3GTers conclude with the importance of properly training boys and young men in the church to be leaders with the spirit of Christ.

Along the way, someone says it's time for loins to be girded up. Hence, the title of this episode. Don't let it scare you away as you listen to this episode of 3GT!